Mesos & Kubernetes


I noticed the release announcement for Mesos on Rancher today and had a question.

Is it supposed to be possible to run multiple entries from the catalog on the same cluster? (We tried to nring up both Kubernetes and Mesos and it failed)

Secondly, is it possible to run Kubernetes on top of Mesos on rancher?

Thank you,

Gregory Harris

No, Mesos and Kubernetes are separate environments and hosts/services that are added in 1 container orchestration type cannot be shared with aother type.

@Gregory-Harris per your second question, yes it is possible. There is a Mesos framework for Kubernetes that I am working to integrate with Rancher. It is low priority at this point, but on the radar.


Was wondering how this is progressing if it all? We have a need to run kubernetes in HA on mesos. Please can you advise if this is possible.


I do not expect I’ll be working on this any time soon, but:

It’s certainly possible. In fact, here’s a guide on how to do it.

Each orchestration technology can be used to deploy/manage other software, even other orchestration technologies. Doing so may or may not make sense. Self-orchestrating orchestration engines (kubernetes on kubernetes, mesos on mesos, rancher on rancher) is probably the best option. Done right, only one stack needs to run, and there will be less of a learning curve.