Migrating ASCS Instance Data to New Storage

Existing Setup

We have Customer having the following Setup

Node01 & Node02

This is an Active/Passive Cluster. Currently, the SAP application is running from Node01.

We have three Paths mounted on SUSE 12 from External Hybrid Storage.

/var/nfsshare/ASCS01 (iSCSi LUN)

/nfsshare/trans (NFS Mount)

/nfsshare/HKP (NFS Mount)

/var/nfsshare/ASCS01 is mounted by only one cluster node at any time. If node01 fails, this drive will be mounted to node02.

Storage Migration Plan

Now, we need to migrate the above said nfs mount and iSCSI LUN to new storage. As I am from OS Background, I don’t know much about the SAP.

But, SAP team requesting 4 days to do the migration as they need to reinstall complete SAP on both nodes to do the successful migration.


Can’t we take the backup from three paths and restore it on new storage and mount it back to two nodes. Is there any difference of installing freshly and restoring backup on new storage.

Is there any supporting document from SAP for this kind of migration.


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