Monitoring SUSE manager server with PROMETHEUS

Hello again,

I am having a hard time setting up Prometheus to monitor SUSE manager server itself.
I managed to have Prometheus running on the server but I get some message as target are down.

My prometheus.yml is the one provided as example in SUSE documentation (

but I keep failing to have Prometheus running when it comes to add this config:

job_name: ‘suma’
host: “http://your-suse-manager-server-url
username: “apiuser”
password: “password”

I have read that it is recommended to monitor the server from a salt client, but I am just trying this for now.
I don’t understand what uyuni is, as it is not referenced in Prometheus documentation, I am also probably having trouble to see how it has to be indented/structured.

Many thanks for you help!