My Cluster is about to die - Need Help

Hello, I get a huge issue in the company right now. I have a rancher cluster v1.13.5 with 3 Pools where 2 pools with works and 1 to etcd and control plane.

The pool for etcd have 1 node that server for etcd and control plane. My Issue: the public IP from this server was changed and now I have the server with 1 IP and in rancher with old IP and after that my Cluster got stuck in the status Updating.

This action don’t affected my works but I can do anything in the cluster only I can have access to rancher UI. I have tried to add a new Node through the Rancher Console which I can see the new server but the server stay in the Waiting for Registration and never get Activated.

When I check the Rancher console I can see the etcd1 - unhealthy which is probably the because of the wrong IP in the etcd.

Any idea how I can fixed all this mess? :face_exhaling: :worried: :sob: :pray:

Maybe this gives you a hand: Healing Rancher when a cluster node changes external IP

Hey @DaveyH , thanks for your reply… It was perfect, but now I’m facing another issue as I removed all my etcd and Control Plane, my Cluster doesn’t have any one of this and the cluster can’t create any new etcd or control plane. When the cluster add a new one the node get stuck with “Waiting to register with kubernetes” and the cluster get the error message → Failed to reconcile etcd plane: Etcd plane nodes are replaced. Stopping provisioning. Please restore your cluster from backup.

There is some way to create a fresh etcd/control plane and add in the cluster manually, also tell to the cluster thaht now it is the new etcd and control plane?