Need help with x509 auth (RBAC)

Hi all!
I’m trying to configure x509 auth on deployed kubernetes w RBAC via Rancher (1.6.9).
We need isolated from Rancher-server role-based auth for our new users.
I’v tried to configure x509 certificate authentication with this tutorial, with no luck. Although I’v managed to configure x509 auth on my kubeadm lab
So, i think that problem is in the --client-ca-file=ca.pem cert that issued by cattle.
And i can’t sign user self-signed certif- icate with this ca.pem cause i can’t find key for it (in /etc/kubernetes/ssl/ dir i have cert.pem+key.pem for kubernetes and ca.pem for cattle).
So, my question is - where i can find key for ca.pem
maybe i should consider other options for authentication in my case?

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I have the same problem. Any workaround ?

Thanks a lot