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Hi Team,
We have SUSE Linux 15 SP2 installed on iSCSI disk and host is booting with iSCSI disk is fine with single path. but if we have enable two paths for same disk in UCS H/W side and Storage side host is not booting and it is stuck after loading “Initial ram disk”. so workaround we disabled one path and booted the server.

Convert iSCSI to FC SAN Boot is not working. we converted and try to boot host with multiple paths and single path but host is not booting and stuck after loading “Initial ram disk” and not able to see any messages on console it shows only SUSE page.

Any solution how to fix SELS 15 SP2 iSCSI boot with multiple paths?
after converting block disk from iSCSI to FC , how to boot SELS 15 SP2 with SAN boot ( FC )?


@Naresh Hi, please head over to to ask your question now.