NEW SMT11 SP2 setup and 1st Client is missing updates?

We want to start using our new SMT server and the first server (SLES11 SP2) that was added as a client appears to be missing updates that were showing as “Recommended” from the Novell Update servers.

Before running the “” script I examined if any update were listed as Recommended.
Online Update reported:

I also examined this SLES server list of repositories and made certain that all those repositories were made available on our SMT.
Everything appears to have gone well except that Online Update only reports “ksh” as a recommended update.

I somehow missed the following repositories so I added them to the SMT. I was focussing more on selecting all our SLES10 and OES2 repositories.

Once these were added to SMT, I re-registered from the SLES11SP2 client and found that new repositories were listed on that server.
Online Update still only shows “ksh”.

Before I start deploying this SMT for use by our SLES10, OES2, OES11 servers, I really need to trust that I’ll be getting all updates.
Please let me know what I’ve missed.

I checked the “yast2-wagon” update from another SLES11SP2 server and see that we have but that another version should be recommended for
I checked the “audit” update from another SLES11SP2 server and see that we have 1.8-0.28.1 but that another version should be recommended for 1.8-0.30.1

Please let me know what I need to do on our new SMT server or on the SLES11SP2 client to have these updates showing as recommended.
I’d appreciate any suggestions to avoid having our clients miss updates when using internal SMT.

Thanks for any help,

It turns out that our SMT repository mirrors were not up to date.

I started the SMT server setup a few days ago and by the time I added our 1st client, one of the SLES11 repository had changed.

So we’ll need to manually mirror our repositories, correct?


Hi Marc

Please have a look at to see what repositories you need to have mirrored for the different clients.

The daily SMT cron job runs a mirror every night to pull down new updates. But only for the repositories that have been selected for mirroring in yast2 smt.

Hope this helps

Hi Andreas,
Thank you, that document has been useful.

I do wonder why there’s no mention of OES11? The required repositories for OES11SP1 seem obvious (Pool & Updates) so we should be okay.
One of our main reasons for getting this SMT working is to implement our first OES11SP1 server in an isolated lab environment. We also wanted the ability to apply patches.

Thanks for confirming on daily SMT updates. I cannot explain what changed but this morning all our repositories are time-stamped for today’s date (just after midnight). I see the CRON job listed in “SMT Server Config” but it hadn’t worked until today. All is well now.