New version of postgresql10-timescaledb for SLES15 SP2 available?

postgresql10-timescaledb 1.0.0-bp152.3.25 is compatible to postgresql10-10.12-8.13.10 only. SUSE provides new version 10.16-8.32.1 of postgresql10.
Does community intend to release a compatible version of postgresql10-timescaledb too?

@bapa Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
AFAIK, it should rebuild on the SUSE Package Hub side for the updated postgresql package. What is the issue you see?

At the moment we are no more able to patch the server fully, because while updating postgresql10 to version 10.16-8.32.1 the package postgresql10-timescaledb will be removed.

@bapa Hi, are you in a position to open a Support Request for this?

we already opened SR 00286145 and were told to contact the community to resolve this.

@bapa Hi, you would then need to create a bug report for a maintenance update in Package Hub:
openSUSE Bug Report:
Unsupported Download:

I have opened Bug 1187502