NFS with SLES12SP5: cannot connect to server without specify vers=3


I have a SLES12 SP5 as client and I try to mount a NFS storage.
When I try : mount -t nfs -o rw nfsserverIP:/nfsDirectory /nfsPoint, I have the error: “mount.nfs: Protocol family not supported”

Server supports version 3 :
rpcinfo -p nfsserverIP | grep nfs
100003 3 tcp 2049 nfs

If I use the option vers=3 in the mount command, it works.

The nfs configuration on client is the default one, if I refer to the SLES 12 SP5 doc(Sharing File Systems with NFS | Administration Guide | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5), the “nfs” means the version 3, when nfs4 is used for NFSv4.

So, why am I forced to used the “vers=3” option ?


I can’t say for certain with SuSE, but I know with RHEL clones that I’ve run into places where client & server (on the SAME distro) alternated if NFS 3 or 4 was default, so we did have to mark a bunch NFS 3 for that reason. Been a few years so I don’t remember the details more than that, just that there was something that would try for 4 if it wasn’t forced to 3 (and 4 does have some other daemons & requirements).