No rancher-webhook pod present (Rancher 2.5.5)

I have started seeing errors that prevents me to create new and manage existing users. The server is fully functioning and working fine for all existing users.

The error in question is:

Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook “”: Post https://rancher-webhook.cattle-system.svc:443/v1/webhook/validation?timeout=10s: x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid

I have read a bit about it and it seems that is caused by the need for rotating the secrets.
I’ve followed the solution on the official docs about expired webhooks certificates, but to my dismay on the last line where I should:

kubectl delete pod -n cattle-system -l app=rancher-webhook

I’ve realized this pod doesn’t even exist for me. Which tbh explains a lot.

My question is: can I manually start it? Is there a YAML file for it somewhere? I cannot do a fresh install of the server since it is being actively used…

I appreciate any help possible