Noob ingress question

I have on the same VPS started rancher:rancher (on 8443 & 8080) and rancher:agent (on 443 & 80). I am able to access the dashboard using mydomain:8443
I would like to be able to access it with rancher.mydomain:443 but I cannot figure out how…

I have tried creating a service named dashboard with
Resolves To: An external hostname
Target Hostname: mydomain
Publish the service port 8443 to Target Port 443

and Ingress rule with
Request Host: rancher.mydomain
Target the service dashboard and port 443

I had no success and assume is because of the https certificates and tried again a similar scenario with hello-world workload.
I deployed the hello world and created a ingress entry for test.mydomain that works OK and I am able to access it.
Then I created a new service named copy that points to test.mydomain port 80 and an ingress rule for testcopy.mydomain with service copy and no success…

Certainly I am not using this how I should… How to do this?

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I found the solution for my hello world, for ingress I have added an annotation: test.mydomain

this solved the test.mydomain/testcopy.mydomain but he solution does not seam to work for rancher.mydomain

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