Noob setup to expose service


I’m new to the game. I got my old laptop laying around and though I can experiment a little bit with rancher 2.0 maybe I like it and move a server to it since the setup there is anyhow based on docker containers. The laptop itself is quite powerful (i7, 12GB of RAM, SSD). Got a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I installed docker and docker-compose,
Next I started rancher. Docker image pulled fine. Went to browser finished the installation, set admin password and set the public ip address that my router has. I have forward rules on 80 and 443 so traffic reaches this laptop without any issues. Then I add a cluster. Check all 3 node roles and pick up the docker run command and paste it on the same box. I get the nice green message that a node was successfully registered. After a while cluster is all green. I add a work load, something trivial, a simple dummy nginx. I add next an ingress to expose the workload. I point the route53 dns from one my domains with a subdomain name like to my public ip. When I try to access the host I get:

  1. redirected from http to https
  2. I reach the login page
    So my main questions are:
  3. is this the expected behavior?
  4. what am I doing wrong? Can someone (pretty please) walk me thru on how to have a simple dumb as they come service exposed?

Thanks a lot!

Are you using the same node to run Rancher and your Cluster ?

If yes, look at this:

I’m new to the game too.
Same question.
I’ve installed redmine (exposed port on container:3000).
I have a domain name (, and i need to point to redmine.
Now the DNS record point to the rancher server IP, so i’m redirected to https to the rancher login page.

If I add an ingress configured with “Automatically generate a hostname” like this it works well:


I found very useful this article:

It explain well the job.
The trick for me was to point the DNS to the ingress address instead of Rancher Server Address.
In my case the ingress address was the same of the worker node IP.