Official Node Driver For Hetzner?


I like many others have been using Rancher for provisioning clusters on Hetzner Cloud at my company.

Since Rancher does not officially support Hetzner, I have been using a custom node driver along with an UI driver.

Although this was working until 2.5, 2.6 has some compatibility issues.

Since Rancher already supports node provider like Linode, vSphere, etc. I was wondering if there is any possibility to support Hetzner node driver officially, or anything similar one can contribute towards?

An official node driver for hetzner will help a lot of users.

Our company need an official node driver!

First party support for Hetzner Nodes, Volumes and Load Balancers would be huge!!!

Sorry for the necro bump, but this is still relevant.
What is needed for the rancher team to tackle this task?
How can I support this being done?

We would really appreciate an official driver as well. The custom node driver is working more or less, but we can’t create a cluster that communicates over an internal hetzner network which is kinda essential.