Okay New Problem on Rapsberry Pi 4, Rancher Install

Hello Everyone,
I actually created a 6 node kubernetes cluster HA on Raspberry Pi 4. The OS is Ubuntu Server 20.04.4 on ARM (Remember that it’s important) So far I have not got Rancher to install properly. I have been looking everywhere for successful install instructions and have yet to find any that work. Now I will say I have got rancher to work several times in a VM however; I can get the nodes to install or import them properly in to the Rancher Server. If anyone has the time to zoom or connect via teams with me I would appreciate it.

This is the error I get:
rpiadmin@rpi-mk8-w01:~$ sudo microk8s.helm3 install rancher rancher-latest/rancher --namespace cattle-system --set replicas=1 --set hostname=rancher.cfs.loc
Error: parse error at (rancher/templates/secret.yaml:3): function “lookup” not defined

rpiadmin@rpi-mk8-w01:~$ sudo kubectl get no
rpi-mk8-w01 Ready 67m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70
rpi-mk8-w03 Ready 52m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70
rpi-mk8-w02 Ready 55m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70
rpi-mk8-w05 Ready 43m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70
rpi-mk8-w04 Ready 49m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70
rpi-mk8-w06 Ready 31m v1.19.15-34+17b27cf89cad70

And here is the status:
rpiadmin@rpi-mk8-w01:~$ sudo microk8s status
microk8s is running
high-availability: yes
datastore master nodes: xxx.xxx.xxx.0:19001 xxx.xxx.xxx.1:19001 xxx.xxx.xxx.2:19001
datastore standby nodes: xxx.xxx.xxx.3:19001 xxx.xxx.xxx.4:19001 xxx.xxx.xxx.5:19001
dashboard # The Kubernetes dashboard
dns # CoreDNS
ha-cluster # Configure high availability on the current node
helm3 # Helm 3 - Kubernetes package manager
ingress # Ingress controller for external access
metrics-server # K8s Metrics Server for API access to service metrics
storage # Storage class; allocates storage from host directory