OpenLdap TLS Configurations

Hi ,

I am trying to configure TLS to my OpenLdap server which is running in Ubuntu 14.04 . I have installed openldap by using the packages of SLAPD and ldap utilities. and I have created DIT by using PHPLdapAdmin Web interface. Now i have created Self singed Certificate and modified LDAP configurations by using the .ldif . but while check TLS by using ldapsearch command that is

ldapsearch -ZZ

ldap_start_tls: Protocol error (2)
additional info: unsupported extended operation

I have followed the below link , i am using for TLS configurations

Please help me out for resolving the issue . Thanks in advance

Hi @sdharmacse,

I’ve gone through and setup my own OpenLDAP server on Ubuntu 14.04 with phpLDAPadmin with TLS authentication. In doing so, I experienced your error when TLS wasn’t properly configured. There are many possible explanations.

Could you post the following files:

Also, if you wouldn’t mind running the following commands on the host (as user ‘root’ or ‘openldap’):
ps -ef | grep slapd
netstat -lnp | grep slapd

It might also be worth viewing this bug and verifying the permissions on your key/certificate (since I am sharing these files with apache2 and slapd, i ran into this):