Package Update fails

we currently have one package, that can’t be updated:
gnome-clocks = 3.34.0

Zypper states

Problem: nothing provides ‘gnome-clocks = 3.34.0’ needed by the to be installed gnome-clocks-lang-3.34.0-bp152.2.4.noarch
Solution 1: do not install gnome-clocks-lang-3.34.0-bp152.2.4.noarch
Solution 2: break gnome-clocks-lang-3.34.0-bp152.2.4.noarch by ignoring some of its dependencies

If I search for the package through zypper, I find

Following packages were found in following modules:

Package Module or Repository SUSEConnect Activation Command

gnome-clocks-lang SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension (sle-we/15.2/x86_64) SUSEConnect --product sle-we/15.2/x86_64 -r ADDITIONAL REGCODE
gnome-clocks-lang SUSE Package Hub (PackageHub/15.2/x86_64) SUSEConnect --product PackageHub/15.2/x86_64

PackageHub 15.2 is included in synced in Suse Managers Repositories.
I see the package in the manager required for my systems and I also find it in the repositories in the manager.
So why isn’t the package installed/updated?

@itibsolution Hi, the -lang packages are now supplements, not recommended.

Can you check on the system in question what version and repository gnome-clocks is from;

zypper se -s gnome-clocks

Thanks, but we deleted SUSE Manager, as it completly f**ks up our systems.
Packages got deleted, packages that needed to be updated couldn’t be updated as no repository found thats provides etc.
So we are now back to scripting updates…

@itibsolution you don’t need SuMA for adding the repository to your system?