Percona XtraDB Cluster with Adminer question

Hi All,

I am playing around with my installation of Rancher and 3 nodes to get a feel for how it all works, but have a small problem that I hope someone will assist me with resolving.

In the “default” environment for cattle, I have now installed the Percona XtraDB Cluster with Adminer (phpMinAdmin) packages from the catalog and just wanted to be able to do a simple test to see if I could use the Adminer web interface to connect to the MySQL database cluster.

1, In my first attempt, I noticed that the Adminer container is running on the internal IP, but I cannot connect to it from my external IP’s.

  1. Since I cannot connect to the internal IP, I also tried to add a load-balancer to the Adminer to point an external IP :9090 to the Adminer :80 which is the port that it is supposed to be running on, but still no luck

Maybe I did not set up the Adminer-LB correctly, or perhaps I am missing something else but think that I need to ask the forum for some guidance.

Once I am able to bring Adminer up in a browser then I want to connect to the Percona XtraDB Cluster and will have a better feel on how to make these connections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,