Hi All,

I’m using SLED 11 SP3 64 with GNOME only.

Recently, I’ve installed APACHE2 from SDK repository, but I didn’t find php on there, so, I’ve downloaded the 5.5.16, compiled & installed.

PHP is working on shell-prompt, but I need it to work with installed APACHE.

Can any one tell me what I need to do to work php with apache.

I’d probably go get the same-version SLES media and then install Apache
httpd and PHP from there, since it all just works. Compiling can work
too, but you’re not going to be able to find as much help there as you
could here if you only did stuff as weird as installing SLES stuff on
SLED. You could also potentially just build your desktop (assuming your
SLED box is a desktop) using SLES media; the two are pretty similar at the
base, though then some of the nice desktop pieces may then be missing.

Good luck.

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