Pipeline not triggering


I’ve created a simple pipeline of a spring boot app and it works fine when triggering it manually but it doesn’t seem to want to trigger from git push events, am I missing something?

My pipline yml:

- name: Build maven
  - runScriptConfig:
      image: java:8
      shellScript: ./mvnw clean install
- name: Build & Publish Dockerfile
  - publishImageConfig:
      dockerfilePath: ./Dockerfile
      buildContext: .
      tag: spring-boot-demo:${CICD_EXECUTION_SEQUENCE}
      pushRemote: true
      registry: <myregistry url>:8443
- name: Deploy yaml
  - applyYamlConfig:
      path: ./deployment.yaml
      NAMESPACE: dev
  • runScriptConfig:
    image: java:8

‘image: java:8’ should is ‘image: maven:3-jdk-7-slim’


I have the same issue with private GitLab repository. I have found out that the Rancher doesn’t automatically create a webhook in my repository. I have tried to create webhook manually, but I don’t know where to get a security token for it. Can anybody help me, or provide a brief guide on how to correctly add a repository so that the pipeline would trigger from git push events.


I"m having the same issue in v2.2.1 of rancher server. I also notice this in my rancher logs. Not sure if it’s related.

2019/04/16 01:34:33 [ERROR] PipelineController p-86d2j/p-k9hjn [pipeline-controller] failed with : 422: {“error”:“Invalid url given”}