Pod fails to see disk path

I installed the rook/minio operator and am trying to create a small 4-node minio cluster. I mounted a disk on each of 4 nodes under the path “/kubernetes/disk2”. I labeled each of these 4 nodes with a specific tag. I deployed a 4-node minio cluster.

The pod gets assigned correctly to one of the 4 nodes but it complains it doesn’t find the disk path.

MountVolume.NewMounter initialization failed for volume "minio-1-vol02" : path "/kubernetes/disk2" does not exist

The persistent volume reaches a bound state:

minio-1-vol02   10Gi  RWO Retain   Bound  minio-1/minio-1-data1-minio-1-0   ssd-noraid   18h

I also have a mysql pod running using a local disk, created the same way with the same permissions and it’s working fine.

Anyone have any ideas what I’m missing here?

How is the volume mounted to the nodes? Is it NAS of some kind?

Nah it’s a local disk. This is a chassis that has 80 internal SSDs.

what was the reason? I have the same issue :frowning:

OK, now I know - dockerized kubelet doesn’t see path on the host, it has to be mapped into kubelet containers in the cluster config: