Ports for communication between server and agents

hi all, which ports have to be open for communication between server and agents (on 1.6 and cattle was 500 and 4500 udp)

my nodes are stuck on “registering” with kubernetes

these nodes are VMs instantiated in Openstack, and just need to know the rules for the security group

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443 and 80 for communication

Make sure that they are allowed to communicate with each other on the internet IP if you configured them to use public IPs rather than private IPs.

What is the error message in the top of the provisioning screen?


    I have redeployed, I have the server and 2 nodes

(all deployed in VMs in my openstck)

    now the cluster is up and running, and I have

installed a supported version of docker


previously I had the latest 18.xx, it may have been that making it

stuck on nodes registering in kubernetes

thanks for reaching, if I have more trouble will keep in touch with

the forum