Private message from isaez

Hi Franck,

I read your posting regarding the issues you had after installing SLES 11SP3 on a DL360P G8. I’m going to install SLES 11SP3 on a similar server and I’m wondering what the steps are to install it. I’ve experience installing Suse but it’s my first time I’m going to install it on a DL360P. In your post you speak about Intelligent Provisioning (IP). Is that activated when you press F10 at boot time?
I’ve been gathering info to be prepared when installing SLES but I’ve find the info confusing. To my understanding I’ve to start IP and at some point select Linux (Sles) and then after some work IP will ask to mount the SLES DVD. Is that shortly the way to install SLES on a DL360P? Any help will be much appreciated.