Private message from Jens-U

Hi Gabi,

Is there any advantages(technically speaking), in using HA extention, for an ocfs2 cluster, that I’m missing here ?

The only advantage I see is the support you may receive.

To approach the subject from a different side: Do you have registered licenses (at least maintenance) for your SLES(10) systems? Administratively speaking, you’re not licensing a specific version of SLES (you can upgrade to SLES11 free of charge), and SLES10 owners with a continuous license are eligible for a free HAE license - as long as your maint. contract continues without interruption. So if you have bought SLES10 including maintenance, then contact your Novell representative to see if this can be worked out for you.

As soon as your maintenance contract is interrupted even for a day, you start with a fresh license situation - and that’ll be current 11 licenses, where you’d have to pay extra for HAE.

I’m not from Novell nor SuSE, so the expressed opinions are not legally binding… but the above is what was told to me by Novell when SLES11 was introduced and is how we run our current servers (started with SLES10 and have continuous maintenance contracts - we received a HAE license per former SLES(10) contract free of charge).


PS: I didn’t want to answer publicly as I don’t want to “create a fuzz” and maybe upset Novell…