Private message from Jens-U

Hi Willem,

I received an invitation by Kim to join the Knowledge Partner program. While at first I felt really great about that, the later messages by Kim were worded in a way that made me feel a bit uneasy… “thanks for considering”, “take your time to review” and alike.

From how I read it so far, being a KP seemed a recognition of our efforts towards the Novell community, and without obligations. Of course there’s an expectation that a KP will keep up the level of work, but that’s what lead to the nomination in the first place, so I wouldn’t count that as a con. Before giving my final OK, I just wanted to double-check with you whether I got the emails wrong (I might easily read too much in between the lines) or if there are hidden catches to it.

It’d be nice if you could share your experience as a KP, no details needed, just if you’d see a reason to regret or will/would do it again…

Thanks in advance