Private message from Jens-U

Hi Chris,

[QUOTE=stroemi]Hi Jens,

sorry I did not answer on time, the forums do not seem to want to send me any mail on the event of an update. Anyway, you told me to get in touch with you regarding my gssd problem - what information do you need?


PS: I am also comfortable with german if you prefer that ;)[/QUOTE]

I’ve been in touch with folks at SUSE/Novell, they have prepared a fixed package (“PTF”) and need you to test it. For details I ask you to get in touch with Hans van den Heuvel, who is one of my supporting back-ends when it comes to handling technical issues reported via the forums. He had escalated your case and is waiting for you to email him. He’s located in Europe, but not German - so let’s stick with English for the time being :wink: His email is “hvdheuvel [at] novell [dot] com”.

It’d be nice if you would let me know how things are resolved.

With regards,

PS: The “no email notifications” is being worked on… it broke with the server move a few weeks ago :frowning: