Private message from Jens-U

Dear pwilson,

You have received an infraction at SUSE Forums.

Reason: although verbally warned, still mis-using the forum for non-technical “discussion”

Hi pwilson,

your contributions to this forum so far have only been of personal nature, pointing out potential personal deficits of a single user here.

No matter if anyone feels that the allegations you made were correct or not, this is neither the place nor the tone we consider appropriate for the SUSE forums.

Unless you’ll change your messages to technical content (preferably helping other users, but of course you’re more than welcome to ask technical questions concerning SUSE professional products), I ask you to refreign from posting. From now on, any content considered non-appropriate will will deleted and you account will be banned for forum misuse.

In case you feel this reaction inappropriate, please contact the user “kgroneman”, who is the top-level admin.


This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

[quote][QUOTE=ron7000;30459]this makes me laugh, even now you’re telling people to go search.

did you know you can do this: there’s my post, and again… thanks for not helping least you could’ve done was register here and post something helpful in this thread.[/QUOTE]
Yeah I’m sure it would make you laugh, given your behavior in other forums. Anyone interested can go see the thread referenced at LQ, and see how you behaved. And it’s worth noting:

  • That you were handed the -s option you got here in the thread at LQ
  • That the 1ST REPLY on this forum was asking the OP “So, what have YOU done?”…same as YOU were asked
  • The OP here then came back and posted what they did, which you then copied
  • Youve never shown any work of your own.
    As of yet, all you’ve done is whine about wanting a handout. The thread on LQ where you posted this gem:

speaks volumes. Your plain lazy.[/quote]

All the best,
SUSE Forums