Problem using Kubernetes with AWS cloud provider and AzureAD authentication on rancher-server

We are trying to use a Kubernetes environment configured with AWS cloud provider (because our VM are EC2 VMs and our images are stocked in ECR).

Our rancher-server is configured to authenticate users with Azure AD (our enterprise AD).

The problem is that, when the K8S environment is setting up, the kubernetes agent is blocked on this error :

[invalid bearer token, [invalid bearer token, an error on the server ("Bad response statusCode [500]. Status [500 Internal Server Error]. Body: [code=AzureAccessToken, message=No Azure Access token, baseType=error] from []") has prevented the request from succeeding]]

The image version of this agent is rancher/k8s:v1.6.6-rancher1-4

If I deactivate the authentication, it works!

Is there a way to configure agent to fix this problem?