Problem with launching app using helm chart

First just want to let all to know this is my first time (week) with Rancher and I have decided to deploy first application from the catalog (Wordpress as a choice based on Rancher Lab videos).

First got into the problem with PV and PVC but Google was my friend but after that I have got stuck on something I have no clue how to handle.

It error out on Wodpress pod installation with an error:

ReplicaSet “wordpress-84765d6f9” has timed out progressing.; Deployment does not have minimum availability.

Which is not clear for me what is that minimum availability.

Application launch status looks like:

Also Rancher logs say:

MountVolume.NewMounter initialization failed for volume "volume1" : path "/mnt/disks/volume1" does not exist

when /mtn/disks/volume1 exists on the node

Any tips on that what I have missed?

I have fixed, partially, problem. that volume was not able to find local path. The fix was to edit cluster as a ymal file and add extra_binds following that documentation: but for now I’m getting errors from wodpress pod as

Error executing ‘postInstallation’: Failed to connect to wordpress-mariadb:3306 after 36 tries

and wordpress health check:

Readiness probe failed: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused

I thought DB and Wordpress backend is going to communicate using the same namespace configuration.