Problems if you stop rancher/rancher container

I started a new installation of rancher via the website. (3 servers masters + nodes)
Result: no problems.
For testing reasons, I stopped the rancher/rancher container. (example: take a backup).

If I start the container again I got the error:

   '''Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint xenodochial_austin (c26c8cea040361b60ced4a51355d67702a0b8fc8062659f6d28719ec77357b3d): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use

Error: failed to start containers: 2e8a2f659909’’’

How can I start again my rancher/rancher container?

If you separate the rancher/rancher server (Example RKE installation + 1 external rancher/rancher server) than you can take a backup.

you will find the nginx in ingress uses the port 443

You can try remove a rancher/rancher container.

docker rm {container id} -f.

It doing that Rancher/Rancher will created in another node. maybe It’s solve your problem.


I faced similar issue during rancher Single Node backup. Was able to successfully start the container rancher/rancher as below

  1. Run netstat -tulpn| grep 443
    If your output shows nginx:master running on 443

2)stop all the rancher related containers
docker container stop $(docker container ls| awk ‘{print $1}’)

  1. start the container rancher/rancher:${version}.
  2. restart docker, to start all the containers that are stopped.
  3. Run netstat -tulpn| grep 443