Problems with system-upgrade-controller

I setup the system-upgrade-controller last night for my cluster and originally manually set an image until I found the documentation on following a channel (doing that now). The issue I’m having is for some reason, it only upgraded my Control Plane and one of my workers. I have 2 other workers that’s only a little behind (1.22.6), so I’m not worried about compatibility at this time, but I find it weird that these two are not being touched by system-upgrade-controller at all. I double checked the yaml for the worker/agent plan and my workers should be included based on the node selector criteria.
I’m not sure what to post for troubleshooting info, but any assistance I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If it’s just one, can’t you upgrade it manually just this time?

I guess I could. It’s actually 2 nodes that don’t appear to updating, only 1 agent node updated out of my 3 agent nodes. I need to find the manual update instructions again, haven’t been able to find it since the last time I ran an update (around 3 months ago).
Edit: just found it, I forgot it was as simple as running the install script again.