purge-kernels: multiversion.kernels not configured

After applying some kernel patches and rebooting, I noticed /etc/init.d/purge-kernels fails on boot on all of my SLES 11 SP2 servers. When I try firing the main /sbin/purge-kernels command, I get the following:

[CODE]$ sudo purge-kernels
/sbin/purge-kernels: multiversion.kernels not configured in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf, exiting.

$ cat /etc/zypp/zypp.conf | grep multi
#multiversion = provides:multiversion(kernel)

I tried uncommenting multiversion in zypp.conf, but no change in the purge-kernels output. Any idea? I’d like to get rid of some of the old kernels on my system as they are taking up disk space, and I figured this purge-kernels was probably the cleanest approach. Is there another way to safely delete the old kernels off my system?

Figured it out.

In /etc/zypp/zypp.conf:

multiversion = provides:multiversion(kernel) multiversion.kernels = running

Then purge-kernels ran correctly. I’ve seen other configurations, such as

multiversion = provides:multiversion(kernel) multiversion.kernels = running.latest-1,latest

but I kept having dependency issues and it was failing. Having the latest running kernel is sufficient for me.