PW reset results in -bash: jq: command not found

If I want to execute the following command from the
rancher 2.0 FAQ “How can I reset the admin password? - High Availability install:”

cd .kube

kubectl exec -n cattle-system $(kubectl --kubeconfig $KUBECONFIG get pods -n cattle-system -o json | jq -r '.items[] | select(.spec.containers[].name=="cattle-server") |') -- reset-password

it results in this error:

-bash: jq: command not found
error: expected 'exec POD_NAME COMMAND [ARG1] [ARG2] ... [ARGN]'.
POD_NAME and COMMAND are required arguments for the exec command
See 'kubectl exec -h' for help and examples.

Can anyone think of a solution for this?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: