Python 2.7 for SLES 11 SP3


When is the official upgrade to Python 2.7 expected (currently it’s 2.6.9-0.31.1)?

Melina Dayan

I don’t think it is expected. One of the main features of an Enterprise distro is stability, which means versions of things like Python do not change.

Some people have built Python 2.7 packages for SLE 11 SP3, you can find them at
Click on the not very obvious ‘Show other versions’ link underneath the big green box that invites you to install the openSUSE 13.1 package. Bear in mind that these packages are not provided or supported by SUSE and have no guarantee of any kind that installing them won’t break something.

SLES 12 will be released sometime before Christmas. That’ll have a newer version of Python