Question after setting up Rancher 2.0 HA


I successfully set up a Rancher 2.0 following this guide: Host provider is I have a few questions and I hope it’s ok to ask them in one single thread:

  1. Is it recommended to run workloads on the three nodes the Rancher server is running on? Or should this be separated from the Rancher infrastructure?
  2. Is there a way to remove the public IPs from the nodes, or do I need to have them for rke to run? I’d prefer having as least public IPs as possible and only use the layer 4 load balancer for accessing Rancher
  3. Is there a chance to export the cluster and run it in Minikube? Would be great if I could test the same setup locally on my machine before I make changes to my prod cluster
  4. As there are already Ingress controller for rancher using port 80/443, what’s the recommended way to add a load balancer for my application?