RabbitMQ Not Showing Management Plugin

I have a RabbitMQ installation which is not showing the management plugin when I do rabbitmq-plugins list (see screenshot below)

Trying to enable also shows that the management plugin is not found.(see screenshot below)

What version of SLE is this for? AFAIK the rabbitmqadmin package is not built (for SLE or openSUSE), if this is the one your after.

Hi Malcomlewis;
This is for SLE 15. I want to use the HTTP API through management plugin. I won’t need rabbitmqadmin if I get management plugin to work.

You should not need the ./ that means you may have switched to root user without a - eg su - to ensure the root user environment is used? Maybe this is the reason?

I think ./ just mean current directory, I tried without it and still same error.