Rackables SE3016 with Xen

SLES12 as host OS and 1 Xen VM with server 2012 r2 as the guest OS. We have a SE3016 that we need to reuse for extra storage space. So i installed the Dell 6Gbps SaS HBA into the server, attached the SaS cable from the HBA card to the SE3016. Boot the server up and?..??..
How do i see if the host OS “sees” the adapter and drives in the SE3016? Will i need to install a driver for SLES12? Then i need to pass the drives to the guest OS. Can someone instruct me on how to do this?

OK, SLES12 sees the HBA and according to expert partitioner, the host OS sees the drives! Sweet! Cant see how to get the VM to see the drives. Any advice?

So when i right-click a connection and choose Details in virt-manager then click the storage tab, the whole details box disappears! Is it that this is no longer the suggested way to add storage?

OK, seems it would disappear when using VNC to connect to the host server. When i physically get to server, the storage tab works correctly.

I am following https://www.suse.com/documentation/sles-12/book_virt/data/sec_libvirt_storage_vmm.html
to add the physical drive but the VM does not see it in computer management->disk management. I know i am not the only one here that needs to add a physical drive to the guest VM.

I click the “+” sign on the storage tab, give it a name and choose phy: physical disk for the type. Select the path (/dev) and then and source path is /dev/sdb. Click finish and it gets added but the guest VM does not see it. I just tried every entry in the type field. Could use some help adding this disk please

I finally got it to see the drive(s) after removing and using a windows system to format it.