Rancher 1.2 HA Certs/Weirdness


So… I had a working 3 node cluster in 1.1.4 for our production environment. It’s not really live yet, so I decided to do an upgrade to 1.2. That didn’t go smoothly and because we don’t really have anything running in production yet, I decided to do a fresh install of 1.2.

The process has changed a lot and it’s supposed to be much more simple, but I’m having more problems with this one than I did with the old version. After creating the stack, I can access it via http but not https and I think it’s because I’m missing the proxy. The cluster is running on a load balancer (F5) with all traffic from 80/443 forwarded to 8080 on the hosts. All I have running right now though is the rancher/server container. There used to be something like 20 containers and now there’s just one? Anyway…

What am I missing? Also, when I access the cluster at the load balancer address, it does not show any hosts connected at all. I can see the cluster members in the docker logs.

What am I missing?


Has anyone seen this behavior? Anyone?