Rancher 2.0 API documentation

Hello Guys.

Is there a place to check some docs for the API in Rancher 2.0? I can only find it for rancher 1.6.

I’m particularly interested on managing nodes via the API, as I’m currently configuring an autoscaling group in AWS to add worker nodes as the CPU usage increases, and then deleting them when the usage goes down, and I don’t want to have plenty of dead nodes in the cluster.

Thank you very much!

Hey @gonzalo.martinez!

Did you find something? I’m working on that too and didnt find anything about the correct way to work with autoscaling and auto healing for replace spot instances.


Thiago Leite

Sorry, haven’t found anything yet…

You can refer the API usage examples in the below thread.


Is there any reason to not having an Official documentation for the API?

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