Rancher 2.0 terraform cluster

Is there any terraform repository available to quickly bootstrap a rancher 2.0 cluster.
Something which can bootstrap from a stage of creating vpc, subnets, master, nodes etc…

Since there are plenty of tools/projects in kubernetes world to bootstrap a cluster, expecting same from rancher. I see rancher is some how at equivalence of tectonic and aims to provide a platform similar to that.
Even tectonic has many installer to start with.


Check out Kops (it uses Terraform under the hood).

@rohit.verma I have my own small terraform repo with rancher-2.0 tech preview. But I’m using some private AWS AMI. If you could find any AMI with docker pre-installed, I could share this repo and you can try it.

Hi @aleksander.sher, if you don’t mind, you can share your repo here, please. So everyone can contribute too.
And, I’ll take a look if my previous Terraform code (smoothly up and running with HA in 1.6x) applicable to 2.0.


I think this repo is worth taking a look at. https://github.com/rancher/terraform-modules

I’ve been working with this for a week or so, adding the ability to tag resources, and to just make it’s operation a bit more seamless. I’m not quite there yet, but out of the box it should get you there.

Hi @aleksander.sher, I think the rancher os ami are the preferred amis while working with rancher. It should support kubernetes deployment as well. Have you faced any issue with running kubernetes on rancher os.
The list of amis are here https://github.com/rancher/os, for quick ref use ami-72613d08 (HVM, us-east-1).

I’d also be interested in an officially maintained Terraform module (particularly with AWS support). It was mentioned in the latest Rancher 2.0 Tech Preview webcast, but didn’t mention any specifics other than “we will be working on it” as the current rancher/terraform-modules hasn’t been touched in months.

maybe someone can take a look at this one and see about updating it to 2.0 if the creator doesn’t https://github.com/nextrevision/terraform-rancher-ha-example

HA isn’t enabled yet, so it’s too soon to update terraform for HA.
Rancher 2 is in beta - not meant for production