Rancher 2.4.6 Configure OpenLDAP error

Hello, I’m currently running Rancher 2.4.6 in a single docker node. I’m trying to configure Global->Authentication->OpenLDAP

I have confirmed that all the OpenLDAP configuration and user / passwords and certificates are correct by issuing Linux ldapsearch commands. After configuring the GUI and click on “Authenticate with OpenLDAP” I get the following error " TestAndApply Error Permission denied"

Any suggestion where I might look ?

The error is similar to

I ran DEBUG and the docker logs are

[DEBUG] ldap IsType failed to determine if object is type: inetOrgPerson


I was able to resolve my issue by Clicking on “Allow any valid user” I had used “Restrict access to only Authorized Users and Organizations” … Once the OpenLDAP was configured I was able to click by to “Restrict access…”