Rancher 2.5.8 can’t import openshift4 cluster

Hi there ;D

I’m trying to import cluster from openshift 4 to rancher, in the rancher ui we get the massage “this cluster in currently pending”

In cattle cluster agent is running but not ready with the “Readiness probe failed:Get http://x.x.x.x/health connection refused “ event.

In the log I get the following error:


Failed to connect to proxy. Response status: 400 - 400 Bad Request. Response body: invalid input, token empty" error-“websocket: bad handshake”
time-“2023-04-24711:58:34Z” level-info msg-“Connecting to wss://x.x.x.x/v3/connect/register with token tjn6rckgmeSgtef6d7 hzdflIwmfm26k7hc5xunch443445sdrgf76”

The error keeps showing up no meter what I do.

I tried to delete the cluster and start from scratch or change the token but nothing worked

appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks