Rancher 2.6 with Windows Container - Metrics + Monitoring

in a rancher 2.6 with windows nodes is installed new rancher-monitoring.
We deploy on the Windows nodes self-built Windows containers.
How to configure the windows container images that we get metrics data for the pods in the Prometheus?
I tried to integrate the windows-exporter into the images - via the Dockerfile. Unfortunately this does not work! Rancher monitoring works without errors!
Is there any information for this?
It’s about the windows containers. On the windows nodes all exporters are deployed!

Have tried a lot of this. A prometheus-windows-exporter is very difficult to install on a windows-pod. But I could create metrics in the windows-pod!
Then the question is which LISTING port to set!
If Rancher allows to deploy windows-containers, provides a good monitoring and other windows-containers from Rancher also generate metrics, then you must get metrics for self-developed windows-containers too! It works for Linux containers too.