Rancher 2 DB in HA installation

We noticed while setting up rancher on premise, that there is no option for a rancher container to write data to an external DB (at least that’s what we understood from reading the docs) as there was in rancher 1.6.

My question is - where is all the data being saved ? i realize the rancher container starts up a local DB, but what will happen when i’ll try to set up an HA rancher environment ?
what DB will store all the pods’ data ?
how will all the data sync between the pods ?

I’ve read the docs about installing rancher in HA - https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/installation/ha/
and also looked through the helm chart - https://github.com/rancher/server-chart
and couldn’t find anything.

I’ve just done this for a single node install, but I would assume the process would be the same under the hood for each individual node. This is a heavy assumption, but it would make sense that rancher would still write to /var/lib/rancher on each node, even though it’s part of a cluster. This would allow every HA node to fail at the same time, but the cluster to come back online after restoring from the persisted directory when they come back up.

I would look into etcd specifics (outside of Rancher specifically) as that’s the actual mechanism for storing the configs I think, or at least what I’ve seen in other Kubernetes configurations.

My reply for a single node install: