Rancher Mysql data

I am trying to figure out how Rancher 2.0.4 handles its mysql data store.

I didnt setup a remote mysql server or pointing my container to a local mount.

I restarted my rancher container and my data came back, but it took 30 mins.

I though that running the rancher docker without a remote mysql of local mount, my config will be lost forever.


Does ETCD somehow maintain the rancher data?

I’ve recently been looking into this myself migrating from Rancher 1.6 and found that the etc data is persisted to /var/lib/rancher on disk.

In the single node example there’s a section on persisting this data at the following link:

I currently have this as an external volume so that I can create new hosts and mount the disk to retain this information. I’m also backing this up regularly to S3 as a tar archive using the method detailed in the following link:

Thank you I verified and its persisting locally