Rancher 2.x mesh CNI


I was using Rancher 1.6 for a long time with Cattle deployment and I moved to a fresh rancher 2.x install with the migration to Kubernetes.
I watched the Rancher Lab Kubernetes Training but I am a little bit disapointed with the Network communication.

I have a network with one rancher server managing multiple kubernetes Masters (Master + etcd) and in another network I have a pool of Kubernetes workers only (They have access to storage network …). During the migration I have changed my Firewall policy for the managers and workers to communicate flawlessly and it’s working well.
But When I want to access my Services it’s a problem … I have pods running TCP processes and what I want is like the “mesh” network of Docker swarm, I connect to any node (In my case any manager) and the TCP connection is forwarded to the node runn=ing the process.

As I understood, NodePort may be the solution for me, but I try to deploy a nginx test server on port 80 on each node, but I am not able to connect to anything. I tested in HostPort mode but in this case you need to connect dirtly to the Worker and know on which host the Pods is running to connect … Not very handy.