Rancher 2.x timeouts in case of slow network connections

Goodmorning everyone, I need advice on this issue.

We have installed a Rancher 2.x development environment consisting of a single manager node and several worker nodes divided into two clusters.
The installation and configuration were completed successfully but, in case of slow network connection such as VPN or saturated network, we have timeouts and continuous disconnections to the rancher server when accessing and using the UI.
Are there any options to increase the timeout of the calls made by the UI to the manager server or a workaround to solve the problem in case of slow connections?

Thank you


We are noticing similar behavior. Any suggestions on how to improve this issue?
Our setup:
VPS rancher manager node (24GB RAM / 6vCPU)
3x Hardware nodes (32/64/96GB RAM)
Rancher 2.3.2

Hi fellow ranchers,

It’s seems like you have to change your cluster architecture. Latency issues are well know in case of Kubernetes stretched across the regions. Well done explained in rancher docs bellow.


@giabbo Mentioned VPN, but @albertmatyi setup is maybe different. To discuss further can you describe your networking between control plane and nodes?

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Currently the servers are co-located in Nurenberg / Munich (~130km from each other).

We have it on our roadmap to migrate the control plane also to the same location / dedicated hardware to maybe improve speeds.

We don’t have a VPN but for the exact networking setup we have to contact our Hosting provider.

And I will definitely look through the deployment strategies document you’ve referenced.

Shall I find a fix / improve our performance, will report it back here