Rancher agent on same host as server

When I run rancher-agent on the same host as the server is running, the agent won’t show the public IP in the UI. Instead it shows a ip of the subnet that docker uses net.

I’m having problem when I try to ping containers that belongs to the managed network, is the cause that the agent use a docker subnet IP instead of the public one?

Trying to ping them from where?
From other containers?
From the host itself?
From other machines on the host’s network?

I tried to ping from a container on one host to a container on another host, it didn’t work.

But after reading the docs about adding custom hosts thoroughly, I ran the agent container with the environment variable CATTLE_AGENT_IP and the agent container ( which is on the same host as the server ) shows the public IP.

So the containers of different hosts can now ping each other. Problem solved :slightly_smiling: