Rancher and Ingress conflict when running in docker on ports 80/443


I have wanted to get my projects up and running in Kubernetes and also learned of Rancher.

When checking out the docs I came across the rancher/hello-world quick start guide and naturally decided to try it out:

I had already done some other simple deployments previously following some other guides which went smoothly.

This guide however was not a smooth ride. I spent about 4 hours to get through it (by luck).

Rancher version. 2.6.3 I believe (picked latest with docker image at time of this writing)

First issue

  1. Deploying a Workload - Step 8
    There is no mention of the service type to use. Follow this guide will lead to immediate failure on the following ingress part.
    Had to guess my way through this part after getting stuck with Ingress. Didn’t take too long but was still frustrating.

Second issue
This relates to the title.
After setting up an ingress I tried ip/hello in the browser only to get a 404. Why? No clue
After a few hours of trying out different things and google searches I gave up and decided to switch my focus to read on the Rancher and Kubernetes architectures.

During a video on kubernetes ingress was mentioned as well as the fact that it communicates on ports 80/443 at which point a thought struck my mind.
I had set up rancher in docker with the default script using ports 80:80 and 443:443 found in the documentation.

I spun up a new vm and did the install again instead with different ports aaaand things worked.
I still have no clue why even after having spent many hours afterwards on reading up on the architectures of both Rancher and Kubernetes.
Therefore I decided to make this post.

I was wondering if anybody could explain what is going on here and perhaps point to some further information if it is already available somewhere?
What I have understood so far is that there are a ALOT of components involved with this combination of both Rancher and Kubernetes. It makes it very difficult the moment things are not going smoothly.