Rancher cant deploy stack to second host

Really new to this but having problems with a second host
I have a 2 host setup and on the primary host where rancher is installed i can deploy containers/stacks and connect to them from my network without issue but then when i move the workload to the second host i cant connect to it anymore this also happens if i deploy the stack directly to the second host. If i manually login to the host a deploy a container using the docker command it works fine i have completely reinstalled the OS and docker and re-added the host and disabled the firewall (currently not installed)

Please Help i dont think ill be able to use rancher to manage my workloads if this cant be fixed.


  • Rancher v1.6.29
  • Cattle: `v0.183.82
  • Access: localauth
    Host 1 (primary)
  • RancherOS v1.5.5 (4.14.138)
  • Docker Version - 19.03.5
    Host 2 (Problem host)
  • Debian GNU/Linux 10 (4.19.0)
  • Docker Version 19.03.8