Rancher CLI with Keycloack AuthProvider

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

I want to use my Keycloak / Rancher realm defined users to connect my rancher-cli to my Rancher.
When trying to generate the token and .rancher/cli2.json, I have the following error:

Client side (rancher-cli)

% rancher token --user testuser --auth-provider keyCloakOIDCProvider --server https://myrancher.com                                                          
Enter credentials for keyCloakOIDCProvider 
Enter username: testuser
Enter password: 
FATA[0006] error logging in: code: [ServerError] message:[Server error while authenticating] 

Server side (Rancher Server)

2023/03/14 15:28:12 [ERROR] API error response 500 for POST /v3-public/keyCloakOIDCProviders/keycloakoidc?action=login. Cause: oauth2: cannot fetch token: 400 Bad Request
Response: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Code not valid"}

What does this error mean? Any idea ? Thank you in advance. :blush: